The perfect gift…

I recently was given a gift that was so perfect, it took my breath away.  It was just amazing and humbling and…wow. It was like I could only say, “I am not worthy of this…but this is so beautiful that I can’t stop you from giving it to me…so, um, thanks!”

And…it wasn’t like it was a massively huge gift–it wasn’t big, it wasn’t small. But, it was HUGELY meaningful and appropriate.

My sense of it was this: my friend had this item and decided, ‘Miguel should have this’.

This reminds me of something I read once: “You never really own something until you’re able to give it away.” They were probably talking about things like teaching and stuff like that, but something like this is another perfect example of it.

I may be in possession of this gift, but it will be forever remembered as ‘that thing that my buddy gave me.’ And that, my friends, is true ownership. You can’t own anything more than that…

This is also a lesson for me in giving. Can I give like this? Can I make someone’s day like this? Can I do something so pure and wonderful?

Well, yeah–sure I can! We ALL can do this. We just have to be open to the idea of this kind of giving and, I dunno, just let it happen when the time is right. It’s like a lot of the important things in life–it’s simple in a way, but it’s also hard in that it’s so easy to forget to do it. Or to feel too embarassed to do it…or any of a hundred reasons to not do something beautiful.

So folks? Let’s not forget to do this kind of thing, OK? OK.

P.S. And you knew this without me even saying it, but it can be the simplest of things–a smile, saying hi to someone who could use it. Simple. It’s not something to over-think, yunno?



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