I would like to thank…

…the unsung heroes of what it is that I do–the folks who take care of administrative work.

As a musician and teacher, a lot of what I do is made possible by many, many people being the scenes who are putting in some very hard work to make sure I have a place to perform or teach and that people will show up. It is so easy for me to take all this for granted. I was recently given an, uh…*opportunity*…to see how difficult all of this is.

For the past few months I have been in the process of putting together a special needs drumline (I posted on what inspired this here). So, I did all the fun stuff first: getting a performing arts partner, getting the loan of the drums, getting donations of supplies, finding an audience to recruit from, developing a customized curriculum…all this stuff was done early in the process and relatively easy.

Then came the hard work (well, hard for me): finding a place to practice. It had to be in our county and accessible by bus lines (for the population we’re targeting). And they had to be OK with 10-20 drummers blasting away for two hours once a week (which is no small thing, right? 😉

And it has taken weeks of making calls, following up on calls, sending emails, and pounding the pavement. Nothing sexy or fun about, just some hard graft. And it’s been hovering over me like a dark cloud because for the longest time because I wasn’t getting anywhere.

We finally had a breakthrough in the past week, and we’re set up to start this Thursday. But, not before I was given a lesson in how important and difficult the more administrative parts of this job are.

So, thanks to all of you who’ve put in this type of work for myself and my students. Especially to all of the parent volunteers, staff members, executive directors, music directors, band managers and others that I’m sure I’m forgetting. I know that you often have to do this stuff for me on top of you regular job. And right now, after what I’ve been through finding a rehearsal facility for the special needs drumline, I am even more thankful for what you do.

None of this happens without your help and support. None of it. Thank you.


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