A new drumline is born…

…tonight! Yes…we had our first rehearsal with the special needs drumline in Belmont, not far from Notre Dame HS.

SM drumline 2.20.14

If you’ve seen my posts on this subject (here’s the one that got me started on this special needs drumline thing) you know why I love working with these folks–mostly their unbridled joy in learning new things, and it was totally on display tonight. So many great moments…

The first thing that struck me is that this group has such a easy vibe about them–they’re comfortable with each other, and they’re OK with being a little vulnerable (which is good because we’re learning how to drum, and only one out of the eight folks tonight at rehearsal had ever played drums before). Such an easy group to work with–I love it!

And that unbridled joy! I have my little tricks to help them learn, but they’re learning everything at a this point as beginners. They weren’t resistant to being pushed a little bit…their eyes would get big when talked about something new, but they put their heads down and gave it their best. And when they were able to get it close to right, the look on their eyes would be this, “did I do THAT–me?”

I’m not trying to imply that all special needs folks have wonderful dispositions–the ratio of jerks to good folks is the same as it is with non-disabled folks. What I am saying is I’m lucky to have a great group here, and when they’re at their best…it is totally amazing.

I’ll leave you with my favorite moment of the night. On their first rehearsal with me–their first moments with this new drum teacher–they had a moment where a few of them collapsed into giggling uncontrollably at one point. I’ve had this happen before, but never, NEVER at a first rehearsal. Classic–a great, great moment.

So, forgive me for going all fanboy on my new class. 😉 But, I had to share, had to share. Thanks for reading…


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2 comments on “A new drumline is born…
  1. Gis says:

    Absolutely heart warming. Great job! Thank you for making a difference in the world of thesr folks.

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