Elvis is IN the building…or, It’s the little things v.2, TCB mix

Here’s another story about the new special needs drumline I’m working with. (Sorry, but it’s so amazing and fun working with them, you’ll be hearing a lot from me on this subject in the coming weeks.)

Last night we were having our second rehearsal and my wife Chris and nephew Jay came by to watch for a bit. We were busy working things out when they arrived, they watched for a bit and and when they needed to leave they turned to me to say bye.

At this point I realized I had forgotten to introduce them to the folks in the line, so I went ahead and did that at a group level, “guys this is my wife Chris and nephew Jay. They’re taking off,” etc.

And at that moment it was like Elvis had walked into the room, “that’s your WIFE!?! Can I go say hi, can I meet her, can I meet her? Oh my GAWD!” So everything has to stop, and everyone needs to rush over a meet Chris and Jay. I almost felt the need to act as security. (“C’mon now–give ’em room, give ’em room.”)

I don’t know who was more amazed–my drummers or Chris and Jay. Or me…it was just a pure and amazing moment (jeez, I’m getting all emotional just writing this 😉

And again, it was the simplest of things–the guy and girls in the drumline wanted to meet my wife and nephew. But they made such a moment out of it by expressing that thing they all seem to be so good at–sharing that pure, unalloyed joy.

And, like most important things, it’s a big deal and it’s not a big deal. It’s not a big deal because all of us–every single one of us–has this kind of feeling inside of us on occasion. The big deal is that these folks make sure that everyone knows they’re having the feeling when it happens.

And last night, that made all the difference. And I’m pretty sure none of us that were there are ever going to forget our ‘Elvis moment’. I sure won’t.

Cheers, and TCB baby!

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