The anti-hunkering down plan…

I was having a chat with a very close friend, and I was talking about how things are going right now in general. For me, talking about this stuff helps me see what I’m going through more clearly. It’s like the act of speaking it aloud and trying to be as truthful as possible helps me understand myself better–in ways that I can’t do in my own head. It often helps me understand things in a deeper and more profound way.

And what I’m going through right now is a super-busy time: I’m working six days a week and 4-5 of those days are 12-hr. days. Ah, but it’s seasonal. All the mayhem stops on April 5th, and I go back to a more regular schedule.

For me, the thing that gets thrown by the wayside when I’m this busy is any development work–either for the teaching practice or performing. When I say ‘development work’ I mean things like marketing activities to get more students and networking activities to get more playing gigs.

I wish I could work out a way to do at least some minimal development work during these busy times, but I haven’t figured that out yet. But, I think this is the answer: get help from those around me when I’m swamped. I’m sure the guys I teach with at one of my drum lines could cover an hour or so at a rehearsal occasionally while I go to the nearest Starbucks and got some work done.

That’s just off of the top of my head, I’m sure there are many other ways I could get help from those around me during these super-busy times. Basically, I need to not try and be superman and ask for a little help when appropriate. My natural instinct is to just hunker down and put the blinders on until the worst is over, but I’m now thinking that this is the total opposite of what I should do. I need to open up and get some help.

The other thing I can do to help my cause is continue to have a list of to-do’s for development. The list would naturally get a bit shorter during super-busy times, but it should never go completely away (which happens all too often for me during these busy periods).

This all sounds like a pep talk to get me off of my butt and doing some development work, doesn’t it? Yeah, it does. At least I have a plan for when I come up for air after April 5th.

So, what do you do to not completely drop the ball when you’re super-busy? How do you maintain contact with business and personal realities when you’re swamped?

Thanks, cheers!

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