(It’s) *Blah* Week 

I’ve been feeling kind of blah this week. Part of this is me being whine-y, but there are a few things for me to note about this that could benefit others:

#1) I need to give myself a day off, or at least most of a day off, every week. Yes, my career as a teacher and musician energizes me. And yes, my new scheduling process is making me feel more productive (and reducing my anxiety). However, that doesn’t outweigh the fact that I need some down time every week. (I haven’t been doing that since I started my scheduling process.)

#2) I’m also feeling a lot of anxiety because I have not been keeping my drumming skills sharp. (It’s turning out that that the new scheduling progress is doing a much better job on my marketing outreach and networking than on my practice sessions.)

Just as my new scheduling process has reduced my anxiety overall, so too will keeping a good practice schedule. I know that not practicing enough during the week not only means that my drumming skills are slipping, it also increases my frustration and anxiety. Best way to take of that? Get more practicing in.

#3) Lastly, it’s important for me to separate the blah feeling from who I really am; I may be feeling that way, but I, myself, am not *blah*. It may seem like a semantics exercise, but it’s very important to me. I am not a *blah* person, I just happen to be feeling that way this week.

These are the things that make me *blah*. What are the things that drive down your energy, increase your anxiety and make you *blah*? What do you do to turn things around?

P.S. I wrote this a few days ago and since then, the week has gotten better. I met some amazing musicians form the best cover band I’ve ever seen, and got to hang with some drumline friends of mine. Playing and grooving in a band is wonderful, but playing a grooving with other drummers can be a whole other thing. Ooo-EEE! (more to come on that 😉 So don’t forget, you can get over it, it’s just sometimes hard to imagine when you’re in the midst of it.

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