How I learned to ‘walk without a limp’

I’ve been totally excited for the past couple months–I finally have an actual mastermind group that I belong to! And here’s one of the reasons why I’m excited…

First of all, what IS a mastermind group? Here’s one definition–

The way I think of it is it’s like a support group for your business life. And it’s very egalitarian—no one’s in charge, everyone gets mentored and everyone provides mentorship. And—most importantly–they’re designed to keep you accountable (a bit of peer pressure can be a very good thing).

I’ve been trying to get a mastermind group together for the past year (actually, longer). I’ve been working at this through the folks in the Live Your Legend community and their Connect With Anyone course. This past September, I gave it another try with my 4th group, and this one stuck. And, yes—it’s been TOTALLY fabulous.

Right now, the group is just two of us—myself and Kate from Melbourne, Australia. She has a regular job, but her gift is being a process coach or consultant. Anything you want to achieve, she helps you figure out a way to get it done—a process.

So, here’s what happened this past week for me:

I have two books in me. (Yeah, I know…actual media delivery system is TBD…I’ll say ‘book’ for now.) These are legacy projects, or ‘things-I’d-regret-on-my-deathbed-if-I-didn’t-do-them’. One of the books is an instructional book about song drumming, the other is a musical appreciation of Ringo Starr, the original song drummer (oddly enough, no one’s ever done this as far as I can tell).

So then, me being practical (well, TRYING to be 😉 I was talking to Kate about important, but slightly mundane things like getting more students, getting bigger gigs, etc. She asked me a question that (I think) was about a long-term vision, and I mentioned these books. Since that chat, she’s been hounding me to do something about these books (and rightly so). We finally made it a topic of conversation last week, and she convinced me to do something about it.

And, of course, I protested that, I need to do this other practical thing, I don’t have time in my calendar, etc., etc. So, we compromised on this idea—just write the chapter headings, or the Table Of Contents for the book. Brilliant! In just 30 minutes while I was at a Starbucks before a rehearsal last week, I knocked it out. And it felt so good, SO good!

It’s hard for me to describe how this made me feel. (Words fail in cases like this, yunno.) It’s kind of like how I felt when I made the switch from a corporate job to teaching and performing music. While I was at that job it’s as if I always walked with a limp because I was a poor fit for it (no blame on the company or the people there, just not right for me). And then, once I started with the teaching and performing, I no longer had a limp and I could walk normally without any hindrance. It was like the clouds parted and…”freedom”!

THIS feeling is like a condensed version of that.

It’s so cool and so amazing and I have my mastermind group (well, partner…it’s just one other person) to thank for all of this. Yay Kate!

This is why I’m so thankful that I finally have a mastermind group up and functioning in my life. It’s pointed out the value of mentorship for me, and now I really see the value of having a mentor in other areas of my life (right now, I’d like to have one on the performance side of the music business…hmm).

When in your life have you benefitted from having a mentor? Is there a part of your life where you could benefit from one now?

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2 comments on “How I learned to ‘walk without a limp’
  1. Judith Paynter says:


    Katie is my niece. She is a really special person and has wisdom far beyond her years. You could have no better mentor in your life. She is a great friend and has managed to declutter her thoughts and actions so only the love she has for those in it sparkles and her passions are realised. Her sense of fun is infectious. I am decades older than her but she is far wiser.

    • says:

      Judith–it’s so nice of you to write! I had my chat with Kate tonight (my time) and we started off the session talking about your comment. She feels much the same about you, you might say. She is a wonder!

      Thanks again, cheers!

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