I am one lucky guy (it’s the simple things)

“Drums, a place to play them, and the time to study the instrument.”

I’ve been on a break from my posts–I moved, there’s been lots (too much) going on, and I couldn’t devote the time that the blog deserved until now. But jeez…I’ve really missed writing this.

First off, about the ‘lucky guy’ comment in the title here–this is all about my set up at a place I moved in to a week or so ago. First off, I’m in a place with other musicians, so folks are cool with me drumming. This might seem like it’s not that big a deal, but it is–it TOTALLY is. (I know you drummers out there are with me on this–am I right?) In fact, they’re so cool about me drumming, that they turned the dining room into a bit of a rehearsal space, and I moved my ‘practice’ kit there (this is the kit with the Remo Silent Stroke heads, and the Zildjian Quiet cymbals).

And, on top of that, I have a spot to set up the regular, acoustic, full-volume drums and blast–the garage! God, I’ve missed being able to have the regular drums set up to play anytime I want. (The place I had before, I only had the practice kit set up and available to play anytime.)

And–it gets even better! I’m in a neighborhood where the neighbors aren’t ‘quiet’. It’s not that they’re noisy, but there are parties in the houses around me, and those parties are loud. LOUD, loud. DJ’s, PA systems–the works. I love it–I’m not the only loud person in my neighborhood–yay!

Yeah, it’s a pretty cool set up for a drummer–I know. For a drummer.

So, that’s one reason I feel so thankful these days. But really–no matter what my situation is, there’s lots for me to be thankful for. I just have to be aware enough to notice it. But…that’s a whole books worth of posts on that topic alone.

I think the things that make me happy are just the simple things–things that have mattered to me since I was 10 years old: drums, a place to play them, and the time to really study the instrument. For a writer it might be ‘a place for my books, a place to read them, and a place to write’. For a scientist it might ‘a lab set up and equipped to study what it is I’m interested in’. And so on…

I used to think that having a big salary, a nice car, the best music gear money can buy…I thought all that stuff would make me happy. But it’s not enough. Well, it’s enough when you first get it, but that feeling doesn’t last–at least it didn’t for me.

It’s really just simple: drums, a place to play them, and the time to study the instrument. And, of course, friends and family. Because even for a hopeless musician like me, none of it is enough without connecting to other people, and there’s no better connection than friends and family.

Alright then, it’s been great to be writing for you once again. Hope you’re doing well. Cheers!

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