“My son got to choose contemporary songs that were ‘his’ music. The highlight of lessons was the recital at Mississippi Pizza Pub, where he played drums and sang in an ensemble with Miguel on guitar.”
Carrie G., parent

Miguel is more than a drum teacher, in addition to teaching great drum chops, Miguel focuses on playing music, and what it is to be a great musician. The positive feed back on what you are learning, and the opportunity to play in my lessons and recitals with Miguel on guitar and vocals makes this a great and fun learning experience.
Patrick W., student

Our son always enjoyed playing drums, but when he started working with Miguel his enthusiasm and focus just zoomed through the roof! He loves being able to work on songs he already knows while Miguel accompanies him on guitar. Performing live in a public venue with other musicians has really inspired him to take his drumming to the next level – he’s even talking about forming his own band with friends! Thanks, Miguel!
Adrienne H., parent

As a teacher, Miguel is a positive force in our school. He connects with kids, empowers them and enjoys watching them achieve what they never thought possible.
John Matcovich, Principal, St. Ignatius School

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