Unique approach

With Miguel, you will learn how to:

  • Play in a band: Play the songs you LOVE from the start!
  • Perform in a band: Have FUN sharing your music!
  • (Really) listen to the band: Develop the skills that will make other musicians LOVE your playing!

My approach is unique because I focus from the start on being my students band (I accompany my students on guitar and vocals during their lesson). As you can imagine, this is way, WAY more fun that regular drum lessons! And, oh yeah…it contextualizes the lessons in ways that typical drum lessons rarely do. (Of course, we still work on technique and reading as needed as part of the lesson plan.)

The best part is that my students get to pick the songs they want to learn! Together, we choose a song that is suitably challenging, and I then go off and learn the song(s) on guitar and vocals so I can accompany my student in the lesson. These are also the songs that we perform in our recitals (see the example video on this page).

“Our son always enjoyed playing drums, but when he started working with Miguel his enthusiasm and focus just zoomed through the roof! He loves being able to work on songs he already knows while Miguel accompanies him on guitar.” Adrienne H., parent

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